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Working together to solve Norway's transport and climate challenges

MøllerGruppen, Aars and StartupLab have established - MobilityLab

Thanks to a collaboration between Startuplab, MøllerGruppen, Aars and a number of prominent businesses, MobilityLab is now a reality.

MobilityLab will be a part of StartupLab, which is Norway's largest breeding ground for technology-based start-ups. More than 80 businesses and 250 talented entrepeneurs are together under one roof in Forskningsparken in Oslo. MobilityLab will support start-ups which develop environmentally-friendly  transport solutions.

Ketil Solvik Olsen

" This is an incredibly exciting project which will create solutions for the future transportation of people and goods in an effective and environmentally-friendly way in Norway. I have great belief that this collaboration between private businesses, wise entrepreneurs and the public sector will lead to great results. This is about making day-to-day life easier for people and businesses as well as the ability to meet the future with modern, effective solutions." says Transport Minister, Ketil Solvik Olsen.

Together with StartupLab, MøllerGruppen and Aars have worked together with Oslo Kommune, Posten, Telenor, If, NSB, Circle K and Transportøkonomisk Institutt. Each of these partners is a leader within the transport sector and hope together to enable the use of electric vehicles. The common goal for all parties is their wish to develop products and services to solve the challenges of transport-based emissions and make the transport sector greener. At the same time they will all use their experience and resources to develop from the ground up a commercial product which satisfies customers' and society's needs while at the same time creating new jobs within the sector.

As more and more people collect in steadily-growing cities all over the world this increases the need for transport, not just for people but for goods and services.
— Einar Dybvik


" Norway has become a country which sees the potential in electric cars and Oslo has made clear its lofty environmental ambitions. Which is why we have this excellent idea laboratory in order to create new, future-focused transport solution.", says partner Per Einar Dybvik of StartupLab.

For over 80 years, transportation has been our main industry. In the yearsto come,  the car industry is going to undergo major changes and we at MøllerGruppen endeavor to be a big part of all developments within this field.

— Harald Møller

Since Norway has committed to the Paris Climate Agreement and must therefore provide a programme for the transport sector regarding the future reduction of toxic emissions. MobilityLab's ambition is to be an important contributor towards success in this area. The project will also provide opportunities for new businesses with modern workplaces and new transport solutions which will have a positive socioeconomic effect. We believe MøllerGruppen tirelessly searching for new and better solutions for customers is the best way to achieve this goal, whether it be electric cars, car-sharing services or other transport solutions which today are not yet a reality. When working together with MobilityLab, we are very excited to see what we can achieve, says Harald Møller.