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Our core values

One has to keep his path clean

Founder Harald Møller's motto

One has to keep his path clean

His high ethical standard is still influencing Aars ventures, and through the times, the saying has been professionalized within our four core businesses, Code of Conduct and membership for MøllerGrippen in UN's Global Compact.

Our four core values are:

Openness and honesty

Being open and honest are the fundamentals of building trust with customers and colleagues alike. To say and stick behind your words is valued greatly with us. It also means that we should be trustworthy, maintain our work ethic and respect rules and deals.

To be clear

Clear and defined roles with responsibility and authority are important in order to reach our goals. It's also important to have clear communication with customers, partners, and colleagues.


In our business, there is room to challenge established truths. It's a prerequisite which helps us venture down new paths and helps us be able to act accordingly in order to create appropriate work processes.


We care about and look after our workers, people, customers, and environment. The companies in Aars strives to be comforting, inclusive, generous, flexible and a strong sense of equally. That is how we create wonderful work days.

With these values, we contribute to a positive attitude and constructive actions which create positive experiences for both colleagues and customers alike. It's been 80 years since Harald Aars Møller started everything. Our base values and high ethical standard will take us even further – in a way that we can be proud of. We will still keep our paths clean.

"People who today falls outside of working life represents a tremendous resource. We will create more jobs – and jobs for more people!"

- Mari Schage Førde.