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The goal is sustainable value

Our mission for society

Our mission for society

The pillar in our mission for society is the 4 M's, or M4. Medmenneske (Fellow man), Miljø (Environment), Medarbeidere (coworkers) and Mobilitet (Mobility). We've chosen to put these four together because they influence each other and make each other whole.

With this, we take a step away from pure philanthropy, because our mission for society should be an integral part of how we lead in the long term, maintain a profitable business in all our ventures whilst taking on the responsibility of contributing to sustainable development. This is the reason we called out commitment “a sustainable mission for society.”

Mari Schage Førde

On a smaller scale, we also have the responsibility to make sure no one falls shy of the system, which is why we are working for equal rights, diversity and inclusion in our businesses. We want our fellow man to have a new start and make their success with us.

It's also important for us to invest in our workers and make sure they have the right competence and challenges. It should be challenging, engaging and fun to work with us.

We aim to contribute to our times biggest challenges, and we have a responsibility to deal with the climate changes seriously. Our ambition is to reinforce our position as a beacon within environmental issues.

The world is changing at a pace that no one could predict, and large enterprises have to make sure that it happens sustainably. Urban mobility will change how people move and thus our society, as they may not have to move in the future. We will be a part of the sustainable solutions to these questions.

Mari Schage Førde is a fourth generation descendant of founder Harald Aars Møller. She is the leader for Aars' social responsibility.

Our business priorities will contribute to a sustainable development. We wish to be able to contribute to the significant changes that we are facing, in a positive way, and make our fellow humans become our coworkers.


- Mari Schage Førde, leader of societal projects in Aars.

"We have made ambitious values for ourselves, and the society expects us to honer them. We have to, and we want to! Our mission for society is based on our belief that honouring our values only creates more value for the businesses, our coworkers and the family" says Mari Schage Førde.

"There is no doubt that the future calls for us to pitch in and contribute to a healthy development of society, we have the means to take on bigger responsibilities, so we will."