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Sychra, Miroslav

From 1965-1970 he studied at the Secondary School of Applied Arts in Brno with Professor K. O. Hrubý. He focused on photographing landscapes and people in the Wallachia and Slovakia, and thus focused his first exhibition in Brno. From 1971 he worked as a photographer at the New Hut of Klement Gottwald in Ostrava. During his employment he began to study externally at FAMU, art photography. At that time, he began to devote himself to black and white compositions. In 1975 he went to Prague and continued his studies at FAMU as a student of daily studies. In 1977 he married and moved back to Svitavy. In 1978 he graduated from FAMU and began to work as a free artist. He worked on promotional images, corporate catalogs and large-scale interior photographs. He also had several exhibitions. He was professionally referred to as a professional photographer in the year 1990, the apartment of Svitavy.