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Suschitzky, Wolfgang

Wolfgang Suschitzky, (b. 1912) is a photographer and cinematographer perhaps best known for his collaboration with Paul Rotha in the 1940s and his work on Mike Hodges' 1971 film Get Carter. He was born in Vienna.
Andrew Pulver has described Suschtizky as "a living link to the prewar glory days of the British documentary movement." Suschitzky's first love was zoology, but he realised he could not make a living in Austria in this discipline, so instead, influenced by his sister the photographer Edith Tudor-Hart (1908–1973), he studied photography. Being a Socialist and of Jewish origin, Suschitzky decided there was no future for him in Austria and in 1934 left for London. He travelled to England in 1935 and became a film cameraman for Paul Rotha, with whom he had a long working relationship. Their work during the war included World of Plenty (1943) and government-sponsored information shorts and magazine programmes.

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